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Psychological and Spiritual Illness in the View of Modern Psychoterapy and the Philokalia
Anthropological Foundation and Comparative Study

Autor: Simona Ciobanu
An: 2014
Pagini: 266
Format: B5 (182 x 257 mm)
ISBN: 978-973-558-813-7
Categoria: Științe sociale
   The present research brings together two broad areas of human knowledge, modern psychotherapy and the ascetic practice as envisaged by the Philokalia, to bear on the concept of psychological and spiritual illness. In so doing, it employs a comparative methodology which allows for contrasting the two paradigms in order to identify overlaps or separations, but also to generate new hypotheses concerning the phenomena under investigation and therefore, broaden knowledge further.[...]
Although the primary audience for this book is naturally made of specialists from the area of psychology and theology, this book is intended to meet the needs and curiosity of anyone who is interested in an interdisciplinary approach of the human soul. This is partly one of the reasons that brought us to adopting a certain type of writing style, a second one being that every new methodological development indirectly comes with a specific approach to language which is considered to represent the common language of the researchers of a certain discipline, in our case – border research within human soul. Since the excessive use of incomprehensible jargon in psychology made much of its writing impenetrable to most readers interested in its results, to which is added the unfamiliarity of the modern reader with the theological concepts written more than a thousand years ago we reached at the conclusion that our scientific writing should not only ‘try to tell a simple and clear story, but also try to tell it in simple and clear prose’ (Barker, p. 240).
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