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English Cum Laude
Autor: Raluca Ghenţulescu
An: 2016
Pagini: 166
Format: B5 (182 x 257 mm)
ISBN: 978-973-558-951-6
Categoria: Limbă, lingvistică, literatură în limbi străine
   The so-called internationalization of higher education, imposed by the current demands on the labor market and the need to connect academic education with social, cultural, political and economic interests, has implied a deeper understanding of the English language and culture from the part of all the people involved in the educational process, including university secretaries.
The aim of this book is mainly to help the secretaries working in the field of higher education to improve their communication skills in English. The structure with fourteen units that cover the main linguistic competences – Reading, Use of English, Speaking, Writing and translation skills – is meant to facilitate understanding and to make the trainees read all the sections with interest and pleasure. The level is intermediate, as most of the people dealing with foreign students and teachers have elementary knowledge of English and what they need is to test and develop their abilities.

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