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The Abominable Shadow of the Mind: Remembering Urizen in Alan Ginsberg's Moloch
Autor: Andreea Paris-Popa
An: 2018
Pagini: 400
Format: A5 (148 x 210 mm)
ISBN: 978-606-998-051-4
Categoria: Limbă, lingvistică, literatură în limbi străine
   In the midst of Cold War rationalism, materialism, spiritual slumber and enforced capitalist conformism, Allen Ginsberg's revolutionary spiritual message was delivered in the shape of a wild, anguished, yet impassioned howl that seemed to fade into a distinct plea: remember William Blake, remember Urizen! Yet, how could the echo of a figure so distant in terms of time and space have the power to reverberate in an entirely different cultural context that was intrinsically bound to the development of a military-industrial complex1 and the constant threat of a nuclear war? In order to become relevant to Ginsberg's contemporary American society, the eighteenth-century English spirit of Urizen had to inhabit a late twentieth-century American body that would ensure the traveling of its mnemonic energy. Thus, Allen Ginsberg created an American, modern, literary Moloch through whose dominion Urizen reemerges.

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