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The road to the cathedral: representations of sacred space in cartography and church architecture in Medieval England: (12th-13th centuries)
Autor: Dana Vasiliu
An: 2011
Pagini: 244
Format: B5 (182 x 257 mm)
ISBN: 978-973-558-552-5
Categoria: Limbă, lingvistică, literatură în limbi străine
   The purpose of this book is to determine the way in which medieval conceptualizations of sacred space were translated into the cartographic and ecclesiastical architectural designs of the High Middle Ages.
The spiritual and conceptual dimension of space was of particular importance throughout the medieval period (5th - 15th centuries), mainly so since during the Middle Ages space was turned into a mechanism and dimension designed to encode and reflect a given cultural dominant: the Christian faith. Christians believed the whole world to be a manifestation of divine will; hence, for medieval man, there was no arbitrary division between sacred and profane space.
The Author

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