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Human Rights in Prison, Ed. by Cristina Dâmboeanu and Valentina Pricopie

decembrie 20th, 2017 | Posted by Ars Docendi in Dosar de presă | Evenimente 2017 | Noutăţi | Prezentări ale volumelor

This volume presents from a sociological perspective the results of a perception study conducted in 16 Romanian prisons. Its aim is to go beyond the legal and criminological studies on prisoners’ rights in the European context. Thus, the authors are examining the way national prison law alignes with the European Prison Rules, the practice of human rights in Romanian prisons, and the prisoners’ perception on how their rights are respected in prison. The methodological design is an innovative one focusing on five rights bundles: (1) the right to a decent life, (2) the right to personal development, (3) the right to social life, (4) the right to civic life, and (5) the right to safety and personal integrity. Their multiple, but unequal, intersections allowed the authors to build a new sociological model for the analysis of human rights understanding and circulation within the prison community.

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